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Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is easy on paper. It’s the gray areas that get you. Whether you need help on a specific task or you want to outsource your whole refrigerant compliance department, we’ve got you covered.

The goal is preventing compliance issues – not fixing them after they happen. A comprehensive compliance program covers all your bases. Compliance has to be intentional – it doesn’t happen by accident or wishful thinking. We can build a strategy that attacks compliance from all angles, or we can work with you on specific compliance areas in a step-by-step approach. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

If you think your software keeps you in compliance, think again. If you hope your service contractors keep you in compliance, keep hoping. Compliance with federal, state, and local refrigerant regulations demands regulatory expertise, knowledge of how food retailers and service technicians operate, and enforcement experience. That's the RMS team in a nutshell!

Identify the gaps in your compliance program before EPA enforcement agents discover them. The RMS Gap Analysis System brings everyone involved in your company’s compliance program to the table and takes them through a rigorous process to determine liability in your record-keeping and out in the field. It’s a lot easier to fill the gaps before the government gets involved than to spend years with lawyers and enforcement agents.

Every food retailer hopes they never have to interact with government enforcement agents, but our philosophy is that preparedness always beats hope. On August 17th, 2023, the EPA announced that the enforcement of refrigerant regulations was one of their top priorities through the year 2027. We all know that food retailers are the easiest targets.That’s 5 years of EPA focus on food retailers. Our ER System is designed to make sure you’re ready for enforcement before it happens. The RMS Enforcement Readiness System consists of: - Compliance records audits - Facility audits to test store preparedness for enforcement agents - Company response audits for Section 114 letters and state violation notices - Developing enforcement readiness policies and procedures - “First Responder” training - Developing enforcement readiness communication materials for all company-internal stakeholders.

Don’t guess whether your service contractors are keeping you in compliance – prove it! The RMS Team’s Management by Metrics System uses your software to measure whether your service technicians are keeping you in compliance with federal and state refrigerant regulations – both in the field and on paper. Compliance metrics are benchmarked against your goals and against your averages, so you can track improvements over time.

Between the EPA’s annual Chronically Leaking Appliance reporting, the GreenChill annual reporting, California’s annual reporting, New Jersey’s annual reporting, and the state of Washington’s annual reporting, Q1 of every year is hell! Chances are that you’re not staffed for this intense period. We are! And it’s our job to be experts in annual reporting. So let us do what we’re good at, and you can go back to helping your company sell groceries, which is what you’re good at.

Our compliance trainings are tailored to your role – because every role needs different information to achieve success. Whether you’re an end-user construction manager trying to understand your obligations for new stores or a service contractor area manager trying to judge which technicians on your team are costing the company money, we’ve got the training for you.